FAI Anti-doping Rules

FAI Anti-Doping Rules & Procedures

Acknowledge and Agreement

I, as a member of_______________________________________ (NAC/Country/Team) and a participant in the 2019 FAI World Championship for Aerobatic Model Aircraft (Class F3A), hereby acknowledge and agree as follows :

  1.  I have had an opportunity to review the FAI Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures.
  1. I consent and agree to comply with and be bound by all of the provisions of the  FAI Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures, including but not limited to, all amendments to the Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures and all International Standards incorporated in the Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures.
  1. I acknowledge and agree that National Airsport Controls and FAI have jurisdiction to impose sanctions as provided in the FAI Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures. 
  1. I also acknowledge and agree that any dispute arising out of a decision made pursuant to the FAI Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures, after exhaustion of the process expressly provided for in the FAI Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures, may be appealed exclusively as provided in Article 13 of the FAI Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures to an appellate body for final and binding arbitration, which in the case of International Level Athletes is the Court of Arbitration of Sport.
  1. I acknowledge and agree that the decision of the arbitral appellate body referenced above shall be final and enforceable, and that I will not bring any claim, arbitration, lawsuit or litigation in any other court or tribunal.
  1. I have read, and understand this Acknowledgement and Agreement.


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Please return this form before May 30, 2019 to: paola@fiamaero.it

Transportation Services for Judge

Servizio trasporto per i giudici 
     Stiamo predisponendo un servizio di trasporto A/R per i Giudici dall’Hotel della Torre al campo di gara e viceversa in base agli orari previsti nel “Time schedule” che andranno assolutamente rispettati alla luce della tempistica molto ristretta che il numero dei concorrenti impone. Informazioni dettagliate verranno inserite nel Bollettino 4.

Servizio cortesia e accompagnamento per i giudici
     Abbiamo predisposto un servizio di cortesia e accompagnamento per i giudici di cui forniremo informazioni dettagliate nel Bollettino 4.

     Nessun tipo di pubblicità di prodotti aeromodellistici o non, riferiti al campionato, di tipo personale o non, potrà essere presente o esposto anche indirettamente nel sito della Casa Bianca salvo esplicita autorizzazione dell’organizzazione.

Transportation Service, for the judges  
     We are organizing a transportation service for the judges, from Hotel della Torre to the WC airfield and back, according to a “Time schedule” which will have to be strictly respected, due to the limited amount of time available and due to the number of competitors . Detailed information about this service will be provided in Bulletin 4.

Courtesy Service and Accompanying arrangements for the judges 
     We have organized a courtesy service and accompanying arrangements for the judges. Detailed information regarding these will be provided in Bulletin 4.

     No advertisements regarding model aircraft products, or other, with reference to the World Championship, personal or other, shall be permitted or shown even indirectly at Casa Bianca, unless prior explicit authorization is given by the Organization.